Unique Message – 4 Reasons You Need To Create A Unique Message For Your Business

It is getting busier out there. More and more people are taking control of their destiny and going into business. There are nearly 700,000 start-up companies in the UK, which is great news for the economy but how does this stack up for existing businesses?

Competition is healthy

Competition is good for any business; it keeps us on our toes. If a client says to me they don’t have a competitor I say I don’t believe them and that they need to find their competitors to be able to compare them. Competitor research is a huge part of making sure you are positioning your business correctly and if you don’t know what they are doing how can you be better?

One of the ways to stand out from the crowd is to create a unique message and the more niche you can make your business the better. Even if you are running a business that is similar to many others, it is still possible to find ways to be different. This could be by doing things differently, specialising right down or just focussing on you as the unique part of your business; after all there is only one of you!

Where many businesses go wrong is trying to blend in. Standing out can be hard because you don’t want to draw attention to yourself or say the wrong thing. But that is the whole point of being in business is