Frequently asked questions

⬇ Set up questions


With all of our kits we will set up your branding, colour palette and fonts.

When it comes to content we can help load this but it is an additional service because every website content will vary in length.

So we offer a kit add-on “Done For You” where we will lock and load all of your content, images, video, text and links.

Then we will hand it over to you to maintain going forward.


If you select our “lite kit” then you can take the template and run with it on your own hosting (if you have the technical know how). If we are hosting for you then you will get the additional support of caring for the health of your site by keeping your plugins and WordPress version up to date. This alone is a service well worth having. If you decide to host with us initially, then after 12 months you wish to move your website we can sort that for you.

what is the kit add-on "done for you"?

This is where as well as loading your branding, colour palette and fonts, we will also load all of your website content. Our streamlined service allows us to share your content with you in the cloud. We will lock and load all of your, images, video, text and links. Then we will hand it over to you to maintain going forward. This will speed up your website going live.

⬇CONTENT questions


Not at all. With our kits we use “placeholder” content so that when you are ready, you can replace the images and text with your own unique content. With our bitesized tutorials, you will have everything you need to learn how to add in your content and be in full control.

why is adding content a separate service?

Content type and length will vary from website to website and business to business.

To keep our service both affordable and streamlined we need to be realistic about the time we are spending.

It is important we can support you going forward and so adding in content as an included service would take up valuable time.

We just want to be fair both ways so that each party benefits from this working relationship.

Can I add new pages and content?

Absolutely yes! We want you to be in the driving seat and we will give you the tools and support to be able to focus on your content.

⬇Support questions


Completely customisable! You have full control over the layouts, colours, backgrounds, animations, images and powerful modules. You will also be offered the option of full administrator access to your WordPress website.

How do you support me?

You can either access our tutorials from the training vault as part of your membership. Or you can create a support ticket where we will respond by email. To be able to make this both streamlined and affordable we do not offer 1:1 support on the phone. But there is an option to upgrade to that feature if you decide you need it.

What if I want to do more in-depth changes and need help?

No problem. We would ask you to complete a form of what you require and this would be treated as a new project and quoted separately.

⬇TUTORIAL questions

WHAT are THE tutorials?

The membership is a packaged up way of supporting you.

It is a commitment to each other.

The monthly membership is a minimum of 12 months.

For us to make our service affordable it needs to be streamlined. So we have put in place processes to do just that.

We will guide you through every step of the way.

How does the monthly membership work?

The monthly membership is a minimum of 12 months. 

Just before month 12 you will be offered a reduced price for year 2 where you will still receive access to our membership services (tutorials, support etc).

If you feel you don’t need the ongoing support we can offer you a hosting only option.

If you prefer you can cancel the membership and move your website to new hosting. You would need to purchase your own license of Divi theme at this point. 

WHY should i work with ENGAGING WEBSITEs?

Everything we do is created in-house with our customers in mind. We known all the nuances and issues that come with websites and we want to keep everything as simple as possible for you. A website is a fabulous business tool working hard for you in the background. But it needs to be set up properly from the start plus you will need extra help as you progress. We are passionate about small businesses being able to access a professional service, showcase their business and be supported every step of the way. And we don’t stop there. Our sister company Engaging Content can help with creating your content or teaching you how to do it for yourself. Natalie Alsop is the creative director who has been designing and building websites for 20 years. These has designed each of the website kits with simplicity, affordability and accessibility in mind. Rob Dixon is her web developer who loves to be technical and get things done, working hard behind the scenes. And Tess Beddows is her copywriter and content assistant who will ensure your website content is added and checked before it is handed over to you. Together we are a powerful team.

⬇technical questions


As a premium WordPress parent theme, Divi comes with a cost. But if you host with us this is all included. The only time you would need to purchase your own license is if you move the site away from our hosting.


Yes. You would need to have this set up first and provide us with the login details to connect it to your website.

We recommend UK based Fasthosts as a good domain name provider.


Unfortunately no. We are not email specialists but would recommend you purchase a professional email.

Our preferred supplier is Google Workspace which allows you to have access to other useful business apps.

We would need the login to this account so that we can set up your email forms to send.

⬇platform questions


Yes, as part of your membership we will keep all of your plugins and WordPress version up to date to protect you against hacking.


This is a role within WordPress that gives you full access to updating plugins, adding new plugins, having complete control of the engine of your website. It does come with a caution because you could easily do something to your site that affects its performance or function. So whilst we are happy to offer it we do need to point out that you need to know what you are doing. If you do something that is straight forward, Rob will sort this out for you as part of our support. If it requires more in-depth investigation this would need to be looked into and quoted as a separate job.

IS THERE A LIMIT ON the size of my WORDPRESS site?

There are limited yes, but in all honesty we don’t envisage this to be a problem. If you are adding lots of large sized images and heavy features this may affect the performance of your website.  We host all of our websites with Cloudways who are a powerful and robust company with whom we have worked with for years. If you outgrow this, then we can simply have a conversation and look at other options.

⬇PAYMENT questions


We have designed our Website Kits to be affordable. If cashflow is of concern then our annual membership with monthly payments is for you. If you would rather save two months of cost and get it sorted up front then we would recommend our annual option. Either way we are committed for 12 months as a minimum through our membership programme.


Great question! If we were to create a bespoke website for you from scratch and create all of your content as well you would be looking at £5,000 (in fact we still offer this premium service, if the business is the right fit. Apply here). This is the industry average for the level of planning, design and technical input required for a powerful website. However we have been able to make this more affordable by creating our website kits where the design and build work is already taken care of. We can spend time adding your content and supporting you as part of our commitment to each other through our membership. We are all about building relationships to help you focus on growing and running your business. View us as your outsourced web department. 


Our initial commitment to each other is up for review. We can still offer you our membership to continue supporting you. If you feel you don’t need this we can downgrade you to our hosting only package. And if you want to move your website we can assist with that too. Either way your website and content firmly belongs to you to do with as you please. We would hope that our service and support is of benefit to you.