About Us

An affordable way to achieve a high level, professional website powered by experts

ABOUT Engaging Websites


Hello I’m Natalie, the founder of Engaging Websites. We work with service businesses who need an affordable website to showcase their work + we provide support going forward.


With my budding team, we are creative, technical, organised and united in keeping things simple. Our website kits are designed to give you flexibility, full control and ownership of your website.


Unlike agencies or solo providers, who do part of the process or who charge large sums, we provide a solution that is affordable, professional and streamlined to get you up and running quickly!

Natalie - Strategy & Sales

design & strategy

I’m the big picture thinker who designs + maps out content for an engaging user experience. I look after clients + provide services as part of the engaging content family.

Rob - Developer

web developer

Rob is my right hand man when it comes to anything technical. He does most of the setting up, troubleshooting + getting things live and working. 

Tess - copywriter

copy writer

Tess looks after client social media content + creating copy that works for both your ideal customer + Google. Tess is super organised + great at all the fine details.

Geetha Copywriter

copy writer

Geetha is an experienced copywriter who works to the processes + frameworks needed for website copy. She ensures it speaks to your ideal customer & Google.

Eddy - SEO


Eddy is all about providing solutions based on what the data says. Improving conversions with mapping the right content for us to write for your audience.

MORE about Our mission


Help and guide you with the foundations of your message and content first before any creation work is done.


Empower you to learn, understand and think for yourself and not be reliant on the professionals!


Dispel the myth that a new website is an automatic ‘traffic magnet’ that will make you money as soon as it is live.


Educate you on what a website actually needs to be ready for promotion and not relying on one single promotion route.