The most important phase of all! This in-depth phase allows us to profile, research and analyse our findings so that we can recommend the best route forward. Because why would you want to go ahead and create a website when you haven’t planned it or compared your offer to your competitors? It just doesn’t make sense. We recommend following our logical process and not making any assumptions along the way. Because you will be surprised at the opportunities that we uncover.

Foundation Workshop to profile your business

Our Foundation Workshop is where we start with the end in mind. Knowing the purpose of your website and the goal you wish to achieve allows us to reverse engineer this. Foundation Workshop is our detailed way of profiling every aspect of your business, who your want to work with, pulling out all of your expert knowledge to be able to show you as the expert who can solve your customers problems. Our in-depth 3 hour workshop also covers your back story and core messaging so that we can create engaging, searchable content for your website.

Keyword Research and Competitor Research

Being found in Google and showing up in the search engine listings, is not an after thought nor does it happen by chance or simply get bolted on at the end. By knowing who you want to work with and the likely keywords they will use to seek your services, ensures we factor this in at the foundation part of your project. Equally, how can your website measure up to your competitors without first knowing where they are appearing in Google and what they are doing to achieve that. Failing to do competitor research is simply planning to fail because it is one thing knowing the keywords and the likely traffic but it is entirely different when it comes to how to get you there. If a web designer is not talking about this at the start then don’t expect them to be able to add it on at the end.

SEO Recommendations and Plan

Having profiled your business in our Foundation Workshop and then undertaken some actual keyword and competitor research, we are now in a position to provide our recommendations for the keywords to use and the site architecture needed to work around these. We will discuss these with you and get your input so that we can go on to agree the website sitemap and create a plan around the headings and meta tags. This leads nicely into the creation phase where we will start to bring your website to life with engaging, searchable website copy.