The most important phase of all! This in-depth phase allows us to profile, research and analyse our findings so that we can recommend the best route forward. Because why would you want to go ahead and create a website when you haven’t planned it or compared your offer to your competitors? It just doesn’t make sense. We recommend following our logical process and not making any assumptions along the way. Because you will be surprised at the opportunities that we uncover.

SEO Creating your searchable website copy

Now we have a firm plan we are ready to start creating! We will write a draft for each of the agreed pages of your website and knit the keywords in as we go along. Your copy needs to work for Google but more importantly the user experience of your intended audience. So website copy is in fact fairly technical and creative at the same time. Then we will collaborate with your input on the tone of voice and expert content.

Branding and web design

Now we can bring your website to life with an engaging design that fully represents your business. If you are new to business then we can help you with your brand identity; logo, fonts, image style, colour palette etc. Everything that ensures the emotional connection you will want your potential customer to “feel” when they come across your business. We can then go onto interpret this into your website design so that it is consistent.

Website build, pre-live checks and go live