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As a home improvement business that creates transformations, you know that growing your business means showcasing your work to a wider audience. So having a professional website, that creates leads and converts them into sales is important.


You rushed into a domain name, logo, or website, thinking that something is better than nothing; it will do for now.

Perhaps you didn't plan, so you end up saying the same as your competitors; you blend in rather than stand out.

You spent time and money working with professionals before figuring this stuff out for yourself.

Yes you want to get your website up and running, but feel confused, overwhelmed and stuck on what is involved.

You know you have a prosperous business but you are tired of second guessing if you are going in the right direction.

You want to find and qualify more of your perfect customers but never have the time to make it happen.

And worst of all your recently live website isn't resulting in a flood of amazing enquiries to your inbox as expected.

Are you falling into these traps...?


Unlike your projects, you didn't plan properly at the start and missed some important steps that are now impacting you further down the line.


You are focussing on the wrong things at the wrong time such as setting up a logo and website. Spending time and money on a copywriter to create content, which talks about ‘what you do’, rather than how you transform your customers’ homes.


Your message is not clear. You are not connecting with the right customers resulting in an online presence that is weak and doesn’t get the inbox enquiries you expected.

As a home improvement business, imagine if…

Your brand identity and website are refreshed, represents your expertise and aligns with your mission.

You understand what your perfect customer needs and your website reflects this with a clear message and engaging content.

Your inbox is filling up with more of the right customers with new enquiries coming in regularly.

We are Engaging Websites


Hello I’m Natalie, the founder of Engaging Websites. We work with service businesses who need an affordable website to showcase their work + we provide support going forward.


With my budding team, we are creative, technical, organised and united in keeping things simple. Our website kits are designed to give you flexibility, full control and ownership of your website.


Unlike agencies or solo providers, who do part of the process or who charge large sums, we provide a solution that is affordable, professional and streamlined to get you up and running quickly!


Crystal clear and confident that your new website truly represents you and your business. You know the customers you want to work with are out there, they just don’t know you exist yet.

Perfectly poised to create engaging content easily whether that is you, your team or a professional who has been briefed the right way.

Excited and ready to promote your stunning website to an audience who is ready to hear your message and become your next customer.

“After a three hour workshop our minds were put at ease…”

“We met Natalie and her team through a client we were working with. Having previously had a bad experience with a website developer we were extremely anxious about the process. I am happy to say that after a three hour workshop with Natalie and her colleagues via Zoom our minds were put at ease. This early stage meeting and the attention to detail that Engaging Content paid to us and our business was fantastic.

The critical factor was to get across our vision and personality into a digital product and EW nailed this! Advice and suggestions were given throughout the process and because of the confidence we had from our initial workshop, we were able to let Natalie lead us forward. The end product is awesome and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with EW.”

Michael & James
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Who we work with

you are in the right place if you are a…


Property developer, architect, construction or trade business.


Kitchen and bathroom designer, bespoke furniture maker or restorer.


Finishing service or interior designer.

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with you As the specialist in your business, plus our years' of experience, we know the right way you get your website set up.

‘An Englishman’s home is his castle’

let us create your home improvement business website to find and reach your perfect customers, so that you can create their home transformation….

Home Improvement Business – Frequently Asked Questions

“Why are your websites text heavy?”

There is no golden rule when it comes to the volume of text on a web page and will often depend on what your competitors, who rank well in Google, are doing. However, there needs to be a decent amount of text in order to get enough of the right keywords naturally knitted in. SEO is a complex process (and something we talk about at the start of your project) and during the research phase we can be more accurate about how much text will be needed on your website. Bear in mind that because you need to appeal to real people (not just a search engine) you need to provide a good explanation of your  business, process and points of difference for you to stand out and create a golden connection. The words in your content are powerful for both reasons and content is still king.

"Why won't my website be on page 1 of Google as soon as it is live?”

Another good question. There are many variables and criteria that Google require for a website to “rank” for certain keywords. If it is a new domain name then it will take longer than a website that already exists. However, organic search engines results wouldn’t be fair if suddenly a new website became live and knocked the existing number 1 off the top spot. Not everyone can rank for the same keyword and so you have to have a strategy in place.

"What if I can't afford your services?”

Don’t worry, there is another way. With our range of engaging website templates, we can help you get a website up and running in an efficient and affordable way.

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